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Watching Stock Market

Capital Fundraising & Access Services

Elēkrŏn accommodates the ever-growing needs of businesses through its capital services consisting of Fundraising, buy & sell-side M&A

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Outline Funding Goals

Point out the strategic needs of the raise to present the opportunity with the most optimal approach

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Giving Network Access to Investors

Point out the most suitable investors within our extensive network reach and make the proper introductions

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Develop transaction strategy, conduct preliminary business diligence and assess likely valuation

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Strategic Positioning

Determine how to best position the company by emphasizing on value propositions, cost savings and synergies for different buyers

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Buyer Selection

Facilitate buyer/lender due diligence and collaborate with the legal and accounting professionals, to effectively manage the entire process

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Identifying Potential Opportunities

Present adequate opportunities to grant the most optimal results and the most favorable returns

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Reviewing Deal Terms & Negotiations

Support clients with terms drafting and assist during negotiations

noun- seller due-diligence-1603559.png

Seller Due Diligence

Ensure favorable decision making through effective Due Diligence

Sell-Side Advisory
Buy-side Acquisition Advisory
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