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Consulting Advisory Services

Our team helps clients optimize their performance, whether you are developing new strategies or updating your business model. Elēkrŏn can support you by shaping a more successful future.

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Business Turnaround Advisory // We work closely with companies to maximize shareholder value & advise on optimal growth and exit strategies

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Business Assessment

Assess the current needs of the business in order to effectively address them


Gap Analysis

Identify the gaps that the company could fill in order to reach its full potential


Process Improvement

Improve day to day operations to reach optimal efficiency and effectiveness

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Strategic Redirection

Enhance strategies and steer companies to reach business objectives


Stakeholder Management

Monitor Stakeholders’ performance in order to maximize efficiency and productivity

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Operational Restructuring

Ensure operations and workflow synergy to achieve full potential and mitigate human errors

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Team Restructuring

Ensure the right person occupies the right role so that personnel complement each other’s’ skillset

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Goals/KPIs Identification

Enumerate business goals and objectives and identify KPIs to achieve them

Business Turnaround Advisory
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Industry Focus

Through our curation of our diverse scope of services, we have acquired the skillset to accommodate the following industries: 





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Feasibility and Transaction Advisory Services// We seek client’s assistance in order for them to strive in any industry by acting as an extension to their in-house departments

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Investment Evaluation

To ensure fair market valuation of the investment


Feasibility Study

To evaluate the aptitude of business plans in order to steer the organization in the most favorable trajectory

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Business Plan Development

To formulate business plan to reflect appropriate goals and aspirations


Risk Management

To determine risk in order to mitigate it and avoid leading the company into non-advantageous scenarios


Financial Modelling

To project the financial necessities and potential of the company

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Transaction Support

To maximize capital gains while minimizing transaction risks

Digital Transformation
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Digital Transformation // We intend to escalate your digital capabilities & implement digital services that ensure simpler, clearer, & optimized operations

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Improvement Area Identification

Assess the business’ digital gaps and lack of efficiency

noun-Transformation strategy-4482329.png

Transformation Strategy

Build a roadmap to ensure digital integration into the scope of operations

noun-capacity analysis -2436718.png

Capacity Analysis

Estimate the potential for digital integration and development

noun-Gap addressing-1593546.png

Gap Addressing

Implement steps to fill the gaps within the organization


Digital Implementation

Introduce the most efficient way of digital implementation while ensuring staff’s adaptability


Data Management

Administer the prime way to manage information and data

noun-operational digital enhancement -4425164.png

Operational Digital Enhancement

Identify the key areas where digitalization can boost operational and workflow efficiency throughout the company

Family Business Consulting
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Family Business Advisory // We are dedicated to ensure success, longevity, & continuity of family businesses through

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Family Governance

Assist family businesses to manage the entity by ensuring the appropriate alignment of objectives between the members


Strategic Planning

Steer entities by developing the most beneficial strategic roadmap in compliance with all the members’ vision and business orientation

noun-success & continuity-4520879.png

Succession & Continuity

Support family members to ensure the healthy persistence of the business throughout upcoming generations

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Business Performance Advisory // Elēkrŏn ensures that company’s performance is monitored & constantly optimized to reach objectives & goals


Corporate Strategy Plan

To support in deriving objectives & goals and identify & implement strategic initiatives

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Market Viability Assessment

To provide a detailed market potential study for your business or product


Product Portfolio Management

To assist and determine the most viable product mix based on goals, business strategies & market intelligence

noun-six sigma mplementation-2511567.png

Six Sigma Implementation

To Use six sigma methodology to support in efficiency & profitability


Feasibility & Business Plan

To test viability and develop business plan for raw business ideas


Project Management

To support by leveraging project implementation expertise to deliver the project with no overruns


Business Development Support

To provide capabilities to access new markets, networking opportunities, client management & closing support in business expansion & sustainability


IT Support

To provide assistance in establishing IT functionality for businesses based on their needs and objectives

noun-General Due diligence -2913676.png

General, Financial & Regulatory Due Diligence

Perform an overall due diligence to support clients decision making

Business Performance Advisory
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People & Organization // We assess & implement the right processes so that efficiency & effectiveness are achieved

People & organization
noun-human capital development-4520074.png

Human Capital Strategy Development

Identify human capital requirement based on company’s goals and objectives


Compensation, Benefits & Incentives Plan Development

Develop organization’s framework of compensation, benefits & incentives


Talent Management
and Hiring

Assist in recruiting right talent at correct cost


Training Programs & Onboarding Process Development

Customize training and onboarding process to suit company’s goals & operations


Cost Management

Optimize resources to be most effective in process & cost


Performance Management & Efficiency Enhancement

Guide in achieving efficiency by managing human performance

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